Riskiest Assumption Test (RAT) v.s minimum viable product (MVP)

This post will look at two frequently used techniques to determine the viability of a business model or a product: The Minimum Viable Product or MVP and the Riskiest Assumption Test or RAT.

Perhaps, the Minimum Viable Product is the best-known technique. Still, the Riskiest Assumption Test technique offers some…

Reflections after almost two decades dedicated to SW development

About tools and technologies

I have learned that the best developers do not criticize other tools because they do not use them or know them.

I have learned that every tool, Framework, or language has advantages and disadvantages.

Early in my career, I did too. I defend by all means the tool, Framework, or…

Hidden secret internal commands

The Web browsers come with many internal built-in commands which can be used to do different things.

In this post, I’ve compiled some Chrome commands that I find interesting and can save you time too.

1. Dino Game

If you type “chrome://dino/” in the address bar, you can play the T-Rex Dinosaur Game…

Know the common accelerators in project software development

If you've been working in software development for a few years, you've probably managed more than one project.

This sector, unlike other sectors, is not characterized by having precise requirements or reasonable deadlines. At least in many cases.

On the other hand, requirements tend to change as the project progresses…

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