Know the common accelerators in project software development

Writing on a whiteboard

If you've been working in software development for a few years, you've probably managed more than one project.

This sector, unlike other sectors, is not characterized by having precise requirements or reasonable deadlines. At least in many cases.

On the other hand, requirements tend to change as the project progresses…

How I have reduced my blurred sight by using the light mode

The inclusion of dark mode has become a trend in recent times in our smartphones, tablets, and daily work tools such as the integrated development environments or IDE's.

The dark mode is nothing new. At the beginning of computing, there were screens with a dark non-illuminated background and white text…

A practical step-by-step example to understand how Machine Learning works

Robot staring at camera

In this post, I will explain step by step how to create a straightforward Machine Learning model using TensorFlow.

TensorFlow is a library developed by Google that was released as open source in 2015. TensorFlow makes it very simple to build and train a Machine Learning model.

The model we…

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