14. Learn to disconnect

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I have to say that I have gone through many professional stages during the 15 years I have been involved in software development. In some, I would have sent everything to hell and gone to the mountains to take care of cows. In others, everything was beautiful. …

how to save a lot of time and make fewer mistakes

In this summary, I list some of the things that have helped me in my career. It reads fast, but applying them well can take a lifetime. …

How I have reduced my blurred sight by using the light mode

The inclusion of dark mode has become a trend in recent times in our smartphones, tablets, and daily work tools such as the integrated development environments or IDE's.

The dark mode is nothing new. At the beginning of computing, there were screens with a dark non-illuminated background and white text…

A practical step-by-step example with Keras and a convolution layer.

In this article, I will explain how to build a Neural Network to recognize HandWritten digits.

We will use phyton and Keras (a high-level TensorFlow API) and different layers like a convolution layer or a pooling layer to build our model.

Also, we will use the mmist DataSet with a…

A practical step-by-step example to understand how Machine Learning works

Robot staring at camera

In this post, I will explain step by step how to create a straightforward Machine Learning model using TensorFlow.

TensorFlow is a library developed by Google that was released as open source in 2015. TensorFlow makes it very simple to build and train a Machine Learning model.

The model we…

Tips and tricks to find what you need

To work efficiently developing software, it is necessary to know different technical skills, but it is also essential to understand how to search for what you don’t know.

I’ll give you some tips and tricks in this post, which I use to find my answers faster.

1. WildCards

Wildcards mean, match any…

Typical mistakes in Software Development

Developing new software is not easy and involves many steps to follow where many things can go wrong. Anti-patterns arise mainly from lack of experience or from not following standards, although other times they arise from “laziness.”
In this article, I compile a series of anti-patterns grouped into these categories:

How to reduce the resulting file size by a ratio of 1 to 10

Tabulator is a great JavaScript library that allows us to create interactive tables in seconds from JavaScript Array, AJAX data source, HTML, or JSON formatted data.

Why do they want us to go back to the office if teleworking can help reduce CO2?

We receive more alarming news about climate change every day, and we do nothing to change it.

The lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the teleworking reduces commuting and the amount of CO2 we emit into the atmosphere.

According to a study by nature, daily global CO2 emissions…

Is it possible to completely disconnect on our days off?

Is it possible to completely disconnect on our vacation?

The short answer is NO, at least in my case and most of the professionals I know in this sector.

I like technology and the world of software because otherwise, it would be tough for me to compare myself with professionals in other sectors when we enjoy our vacations, and…

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